Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be A Gentleman

She buys something new to wear and takes hours to get her makeup just right. When you pick her up you are blown away at how beautiful she looks and tell her so. After giving the valet your keys and walking into a swanky restaurant you feel confident at the wonderful time you will both have. As you settle into a booth with an ocean view a gorgeous waitress comes up to greet you. She smiles at you with some interest and you suddenly feel like Brad Pitt. Maybe it is a blond at the other table that bats her eyes seductively. You are too friendly with the waitress or keep glancing over at the blond to see if she is looking at you. The outcome will be the same, you are in for an expensive hellish night. Women hate this scenario. They find it demeaning and insulting and either react immediately or push it down only to give it to you later. You need to be respectful and resist temptation. It may be nice to be admired by a great looking babe, but if you care for your lady you need to show restraint. She wants all your attention. She wants to feel special. With the economy the way it is, expensive date nights are getting fewer and father between. Don't be a cad and ruin what should be a wonderful and romantic memory for the both of you.


  1. Excellent tip! The wandering eye definitely is a bad habit.

  2. Act like your date is the only woman in the room.

  3. Love both of your comments. Dawg you romantic you.


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