Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Advice

Hey guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. It’s sad to see hoards of panic stricken blokes trying to buy roses at the last minute. They’ve got you by the, well you know what’s and can overcharge you. Run by your local drug store to get a card before they are picked over. For the gift I recommend jewelry this year instead of flowers. Flowers die but she’ll have the earrings or necklace for a long time. You can go to Shop NBC and set up an account quite easily. I recommend a necklace or earrings unless you are serious enough to brave a ring. Order the Queen of Topaz earrings. She will love the Millennium/Platinum topaz pair for $57.04. There are plenty of other color choices in these earrings. There is a matching necklace that is an excellent choice and costs only $59.00. Depending on your budget you could get one or both pieces. Expedited shipping is available if you don't take my advice and wait to the last minute; but that will run you a good chunk of change.

1 comment:

  1. Roses are too easy...shows a lack of creativity. I second the jewelry recommendation (mmm...topaz).


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