Friday, April 15, 2011

This Music Is A Companion To My Previous Post

Put the kids to bed and ROCK! What a lovely way to burn.

Sex, The Importance Of Being Sexual, Not Earnest

I appeal to married men and women at this time. Sex is an important part of your life, it's a plain fact. Keep it alive and going strong from day one. Sex is more than an act, it bonds you together physically and spiritually. You may say, hey no problem, if you are newlyweds. Alas, as time goes by and babies come and grow, things definitely change. Most couples who stay for the long haul, (and that is what marriage SHOULD be about), have some dry spells. DO NOT let these dry spells sabotage your marriage. Stay the course and work on your sex life. Women most likely have the biggest struggle. I know women are sick of the books espousing, putting on the sexy negligees and seducing their husbands but there is some meat, (excuse the expression), to this. You have to be dedicated in keeping your sex life alive.  

Women, I realize we go through different phases in our lives, babies, menopause, alien metamorphoses or whatever. This aside, giving our men what they want and crave is not only good for a marriage, it fulfills a deep spiritual alliance. Men often times express their love sexually. We are sexual creatures by nature and we can not let a lethargic attitude upset the balance in marriage. I guess in plain words, don't say no to him even if you aren't in the mood. If your man is any good, a few maneuvers will have you squirming like a snake.

Men, you have a great part in this as well. Don't be a jerk. She is not going to look like a twenty-one year old after having two babies. Don't be critical, be encouraging. Even if she doesn't look that hot at the moment, she can again with your help. Remember, you are in this for the LONG HAUL. Women are capable of incredible feats. We can turn things around quite well if we put our minds to it. We just need a loving partner that spurs us on, not a overgrown teenager, looking at every good looking woman that passes by. That kind of behavior erodes your partner's desires toward you as well as her confidence in herself.

Make a decision to have sex twice a week or whatever number you BOTH agree on. Stick to this even if this idea offends your spontaneous nature. Believe me your man will not worry about this because he will be happy. You can bloody well put red marks on the calendar and he won't give a rats ass, as long as you follow through. The important thing is that you both connect in this way on a regular basis.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beer Review - Alesmith Anvil ESB

B-Daddy here. Today's beer review is one of my favorite beers, that I continue to savor with a variety of meaty dishes. As you can see from the picture, I am talking about Alesmith's Anvil ESB. For the uninitiated, ESB means extra special bitter, from the days in England when most beers tended to be sweeter stouts and porters. An ESB was a lighter beer with light carbonation, and certainly more bitter than a stout. By today's California standards for IBUs, an ESB is not especially bitter.

Alesmith's entry into this category is its flagship beer
. It has a nice dark copper tone, with a bit of head and not too much carbonation. It has a very nice nutty taste that always tempts me to drink it too quickly. I like to drink this ale out of a pint dimple mug, the traditional English drinking glass for bitters. Even tough it is a bitter, my palette has become so used to west coast IPAs that I find this to be a little sweet, mainly due to its maltiness. (Kids, that's probably not a word.) However, I would also say that this entry has more hops than its English cousins. For me, that makes the almost perfect beer, sweet, malty but with just enough bite from the hops.

Available, at Keil's and your fine local liquor stores.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Johnny Depp, This Song Is For You

Love you Johnny. Although you did a great mad hatter, Ive got to say, Jack Sparrow is my favorite character.

Nurses Station - Brown Rice

Eating more brown rice is good advice for improving overall health. It is full of good vitamins and also good for your complexion. To ward off pimples and other facial blemishes, eat brown rice and drink eight glasses of water a day.

Tip - Lose the Fat When Baking

In MOST recipes applesauce can be used to replace fat almost on a one to one substitution basis. If the recipes calls for 1 cup of oil, you can use 1 cup of applesauce especially in baked goods.

Product Review - Geoffrey Bean Shirts

Don't settle for less, get Goffrey Beene dress shirts. They have lasting power and you'll look like a stud in them. More importantly, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IRON THEM. There are some laundering rules you need to follow for these shirts as well as for other dress, non-wrinkle shirts.

Always sort similar colored dress shirts together and wash them in cold or warm water. Don't put them in with a bunch of other clothing, do them separately. Be gentle about the amount of detergent you use, you don't need much.
Put no more than four shirts in the dryer, at a medium heating cycle. Include two bounce sheets. Have hangers standing by when the buzzer goes off. Get off your butt as soon as the ten minutes have gone by. Take the shirts out and shake them away from any hard surfaces, avoiding the breakage of buttons. Hang them on good hangers, Joy Mangano hangers are the best. Button up the first two buttons and make sure your shirts are well hung, ( excuse the expression, please).Give them half an hour hanging on a doorway before putting them in the closest so the wrinkles will all fall out. Now, hang them away and you can be assured that you will look good at your next meeting, you handsome guy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feeling Good And Recommending Two Blogs

Tiger Lily is feeling quite nice tonight. Ain't nothing wrong with imbibing some choice brew, partying with family and having a great time at home. Life is good in this country. We are blessed, and lest we forget this, just turn on the news. You will be transported into the stone age with violence and misery flashing before your eyes.

I believe in personal responsibility and character. A man should stand by his word and be willing to take on the good fight. Unfortunately, entitlements, not innovation seem to be the style of the day.

Although I have concerns, I believe in the resilience of the American people. I would like to recommend the following blogs to the few readers I have. Please check out Beers with Demo and The Liberator Today for a fair perspective on what is happening in this misguided world. Keep an open mind and always investigate both sides of the issues that incite you.

As I turn from my computer and head for bed, I bid you adieu. We Americans have, and always shall, prevail.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Song For David

This song is for a talented artist in my family. He is fun to be with and brings a smile to me face. I love you Daaaviid!

Restaurant Review - Offshore

Offshore Tavern & Grill is a great place to go for food and Grog as well as for watching sports. They have have a full bar and a decent selection of beer and wine. High definition televisions dot every wall. The energy from the crowd is palpable when a big game is on so go a little early on those days to get your spot. It might be a bit noisy but some fans don't mind this. Located at 2253 Morena Boulevard it's off interstate 5. In the large outside patio you can watch the cars and trains go by feeling good about being out of the rat race for a spell.

Product Review - Tend Skin

Do you suffer from ingrown hairs or occasional break outs. It's no fun to have red rash-like bumps from shaving when you want to look good for the girl you just got up the courage to ask out. Tend Skin can help you. This product is great, it noticeably reduces the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs and pimples. Ladies can also use this item after shaving their legs. The feedback given by men who use this product is that it is worth the price.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nurses Station

Summer is coming and the hot days are ahead. Stay hydrated especially when working out. Drink Gatorade to replenish the electrolytes your body loses. If you cramp up after exercise or later in bed after an active day, always have some bananas on hand. They will deliver potassium to your bloodstream and most likely help with the cramping.

Tip - Dusty Computer And TV Screens

A used dryer sheet can be used to clean computer and television screens. The screens will attract less dust.

Share Your Man

Rick and Jay are going hiking and decide to call Andy. They haven't seen much of Andy since he met Ashley. Rick whips out the old cell phone and goes for it. Andy answers and starts to hem and haw when asked to join the jolly hikers. Well I guess we could go although Ash doesn't really like hiking. Rick suggests that Andy come alone. Andy is reluctant to even suggest this to Ashley. The whole thing is a mess as far as Rick and Jay are concerned. They make some comment about Andy being on a tight leash and laugh as they decide to blow Andy off.

Many men know the signs of the overbearing babe. She does not like to share her man with anyone, no with friends, parents or anyone else who might occupy his time. She tags along inappropriately at guy type functions. She gets pissy when he goes out with his friends. She seems insecure and demanding.

Women, do you want your man to turn out like the Paul Rudd character in I Love You, Man, kind of wimpy and effeminate because he never hangs with other guys.  Eventually, you will kill the man that excited you in the first place and you'll be looking for Fabio. You want the dude who slays the giant bug, the one who hunts down and eliminates the rat. You do not want him standing on the chair next to you screaming when the rat darts out at you. 

Guys, you need to explain to your woman that you love her and she has nothing to fear. Tell her it is healthy to spend some time with your bros doing the masculine stuff that makes you the man you are. Be reasonable about the amount of time spent without her. If she fights you about it and still won't share, you might think about your decision to be with her in the first place.
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