Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheap Versus Sexy

You wonderful men often think with the wrong brain. Women are beautiful and wonderful to look at, especially when they wear provocative clothing. Herein is where the problem lies. Men need to realize what is sexy and what is cheap. Marilyn Monroe was soft, vulnerable and sexy. Madonna was and is loud tacky and cheap. You might want to sleep with her but ultimately you will be disappointed by the whole experience. Sexy is a woman who notices the admiring looks from other men then slips her hand under your arm giving you an adoring look. Cheap is the woman who notices the admiring looks she gets and shamelessly flirts as you desperately try to keep up with her. Women who are sexy do not embarrass you. They hold themselves in a certain way. They are intelligent, caring arm candy you are proud to be with. Don't sell yourself short, be cautious and selective with the women that turn your heads and drop your jaws. Sophia Loren (I rest my case).

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