Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big

Sweat pops out on his head as he glances right and left looking for an avenue of escape. His heart rate increases and his hands slightly shake as he faces his girl. His truck has not been totaled and his flat screen is intact. His panic is caused by the dreaded question, do I look good in this dress. It can be pants, jeans, skirt or whatever. He knows if he says she looks good she will tell him he is lying and start pointing out all her flaws. If he says the dress makes her look heavy he is doomed. Men face this dilemma with shear panic. I guiltily admit to having done this to my man. I now laugh when he actually runs away after being asked if something looks good on me. I have no magic answer, just a suggestion. A good answer that gives you a fighting chance is this, "Honey you look good in everything but I have seen dresses that are more flattering on you." Good luck!


  1. Love the Geico commercial with Abe Lincoln on the subject. Was Abe Lincoln always honest?


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