Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen - Pathetic

Bad boy Charlie Sheen talks the tough talk on all his recent interviews. He claims he is proud of his lifestyle and will embrace it. Booze, drugs, porn stars and prostitutes are part of his life and he has no shame letting everyone know about it. He has had three wives and has five children, three girls and two boys.

Why does a good-looking successful guy like this destroy himself? Because his fame and fortune came too easily for him. He fights a demon inside himself that makes him believe he does not deserve his success. This is a not uncommon syndrome in Hollywood. Some stars cannot accept that their dream came true. They self destruct, feeling unworthy of such success.

I feel sorry for Charlie's family, especially his kids. He is a horrible role model and most likely seldom sees his kids. They will suffer the lack of a father and all the baggage that goes along with it. He is wrapped up in the selfishness of his addiction with no care about the pain he puts his family through.

I caution any young man from looking at his life style with anything but pity. Charlie is missing the big picture with his skewed sense of what is truly important. A mature, meaningful long term relationship with a woman he loves and time with his children are just a start. Working at his trade with respect for the people around him is another suggestion. It shows character and maturity to work well with people you find difficult and people you actually do not like. One needs only to look at Charlie's once handsome face to see what his lifestyle is doing to him. My prayer for him is that he would give up the booze, drugs and hookers and take up the role of good looking and hard working actor of which he is capable.


  1. He looks awful. I disagree about your thought that he can't believe his dream came true and doesn't deserve it- His parents were both in show business so he was a success from day one because his parents were stars and they opened the door for him. Mommy and daddy had him and his 4 siblings covered- All of whom became successful actors so it was always expected he would succeed just like his siblings. And that I think is the problem. He's never had to actually struggle for anything in his life and just expects success to fall in his lap.

  2. In a certain way you are saying what I am. He never had to struggle for anything so a deep part of him feels undeserving of all he has. This happens with some people who win large amounts of money, many times they are more miserable after their good fortune. Some squander it foolishly because they did not really earn it. Thanks for the comment.


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