Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple Creatures

Ladies, men are simple creatures. Simple does not mean dumb, or so says Oprah.
Most men are simple in the fact that it doesn’t take much to figure one out, to see beyond the surface and recognize what their motives, intentions, ambitions, and desires are. Most men are not complex in the sense that their way of communicating, responding, reacting, and dealing with certain relationships issues are the same. Men are not as complicated creatures as women are for the most part, and that is something that has been understood for ages. If you were to compare the two in mathematical terms men are Basic math or two plus two types of individuals, whereas women are Calculus, Geometry, or Trigonometry (and in some cases all three).
Case in point, a man is staring over at his wife with "a certain look." She instantly says, "well I can see you are still mad at me about yesterday." The husband cannot remember what happened yesterday. She continues, "I don't know why it is always my fault. You should realize I am under a lot of stress. How can you treat me this way when you know I try so hard. Well you could at least say something, you know I am feeling terrible." The husband finally gets a word in and says, "honey I'm hungry I was just wondering what we were having for dinner."

You might think this is a funny story and it is but a true one. Women read too much into looks or comments that men make. Women are emotional creatures. They let feelings dictate their words and actions in most situations. If men keep this in mind they have a good chance at preventing a potential argument. A calm attitude or even a little humor can de-escalate the growing tension between you and your lady. Women, try to realize that a weird look or insensitive comment is sometimes just that and does not rate a war. It is time for us to accept men as simple creatures and try not to make them into hairy girls.


  1. Here is a very humorous look at men's and women's brains to assist with Tiger Lily's point.

  2. Also, went back and read many of the blogs as I am want to do when I get time to catch up. There was certainly no shame in being a Steeler fan that day. They were worthy opponants.


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