Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Grooming Counts

Sara showers, perfumes up and spends forty minutes applying her makeup until it is just right. Clothes are strewn on the bed as she tries on several outfits before deciding on one. She looks into the mirror and nods as the doorbell rings. When she opens the door Paul is standing there, smiling in his tee shirt, jeans and ratty looking sneakers. She is not very impressed but likes him enough to try to overcome the frustration. When she steps out the door he leans into her and says, I know you will love the place I'm taking you to. She is aware of his body odor and is too shocked to say anything about it.

When they arrive at the restaurant, Sara is impressed and lets Paul know he made a great choice. After they are seated, the waitress approaches to take their drink orders. The waitress wrinkles her nose as she turns to go. Sara finally speaks up, Paul, it would have been nice if you had showered and dressed up a little. Paul instantly bristles and feels insulted. She should like him just the way he is. If she doesn't, then she has the problem.

This scenario is not unusual and Paul is wrong. Women should accept the personalities traits of the men they date, bad grooming not being one of them. Neither body odor nor greasy hair are attractive. Showering, shaving and looking nice is a sign of respect towards the woman you are with. It is also part of being a gentlemen, which seems to be a vanishing breed in our society.

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