Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Complain, Complain, Complain

Sitting with a group of women at a retreat I was shocked to hear them complain endlessly about their husbands. Trying to redirect the conversation was not successful. This kind of behavior is all too common at family functions as well as other gatherings. One woman will start to criticize her husband, then another will launch on how her husband is even more of a jerk. It seems to set off a game of who's husband is the most annoying. Why do women, (and some men) talk smack about their spouse?

Most of these women love their men but have fallen into a bad pattern. They have been together with their man for a while and somehow the courtesies they afford acquaintances do not reach their spouse. It is time for dwelling on what is praiseworthy about the one we chose to share our lives with. Talking positively about your spouse is good for the relationship. It has a spiritual aspect that is overlooked.

My husband is handsome, smart, romantic and yes sometimes annoying. I find it nice to bring up his good qualities every chance I get. I am sure I have let out an occasional gripe but not very often. It is easy to slip into a bad pattern of bitching about the husband. It takes practice and effort to change this cycle. I say it is a venture well worth it. The benefits that come from praising your love are many. Take that first step and you will see for yourselves.

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