Sunday, March 20, 2011

Batman, My Dark Knight

You see a silhouette atop a massive building. Gargoyles stare coldly down at the city. The cloud obscuring the full moon passes and the figure becomes more visible. You notice the pointed ears, the cape, the muscular physique. He studies Gotham city with a brooding intensity. Your heart soars as he jumps off the building and glides down to fight crime. It is Batman, the dark knight of Gotham city.

Batman has no special powers like Superman, just cool gadgets that aide him in kicking butt on the villains. He earns our respect because without super powers he must be proficient in every kind of fighting style possible. Acrobatic skills are also important as he swoops down from the massive skyscrapers in Gotham City.  The most important aspect of Batman's character is his dedication to right the wrongs inflicted on those who can not defend themselves. He is a moody, tortured human being with a tragic story. We sympathize with him, excusing his vigilante attitude because we want justice to prevail at all costs. There is an admirable quality about a man who has everything but is willing to take great risks to protect the citizens of Gotham.

I have always loved Batman and always will. My two boys were wearing capes and masks from the time they could barely toddle. I sat next to them as they watched the animated series just as enthralled as they were. Then there were the Tim Burton Batman movies. They were dark and romantic, I enjoyed them all. Christopher Nolan's Batman movies are my favorite. Christian Bale does a magnificent job of portraying this iconic hero. Heath Ledger is fabulous as the crazy, lethal Joker. I love Heath Ledger so very much but THAT is a different story.


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