Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treat Guys Right

You're on the freeway and some poor schmoe wants to cut in front of you to make his exit. Let the guy in, wouldn't you want the same consideration?  Aren't there too many impatient, angry drivers on the road already? Two guys are out on the town are having fun, until they see two other macho men, sizing them up and giving a hard look. They bristle, and glare daggers back. Why not just look at the dudes and say, "how's it going." Why do men treat other men badly? This is a more common practice among young women, so why imitate a bad habit that the weaker sex is infamous for.

Doesn't it just come down to manners, and deciding to take the higher road? If some guy is looking at your girl, you should feel proud to be with her. This is, of course, not relevant when some guys is crude and rude to your woman. I've seen too many bad situations get ugly just because some guy was admiring another guys gal. Sometimes other guys act like idiots, you can nod, smile, and ignore the snarky comment, or you can act like the idiot. Introducing oneself with a handshake creates a good connection with another guy.

Alcohol only increases the risk of fights and this kind of idiotic behavior. That is why you need to drink responsibly. So many drunken brawls end up in tragedy. The college behavior of drinking as much as possible is outdated and ridiculous. Show some class. Have a good time and treat those around you with respect and good manners. The golden rule may seem like a cliche but it is the best rule put forth so far. 

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