Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Phenomenon

The guys come into my casa, laughing and happy.  I am busy, but they're hungry, handsome faces are irresistible. I make up some sandwiches enjoying the uplifting atmosphere they create with their charm and clowning.

With their bellies full they wander into the living room for a little video game playing. They decide to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the Call of Duty video game is just about worn out. The four of them settle down with controllers. The game is on.

Their voices are animated, they laugh, shout and yell, YEAH! As time passes, their voices get a bit louder. They seem to be getting upset. I wonder how this can happen, they are having fun, aren't they? I glance in and see Mario taking a whipping from Snake. Link, (who I always thought was cute, the older version of him, of course) is being annihilated by a pink blob, called Kirby. At different times weird Pokemon show up and ruin someone's chance of victory. The guys, at this point do not seem very happy with each other.

Eventually I look out the front window and see one of the guys running around in the front yard screaming and acting like some kind of neanderthal. I cannot believe how this game transforms these young men into raging bulls. The guy that is really good, (because he plays every chance he gets between finals) is resented, even though loved like a brother at any other time.

I am always amazed when I confront them and ask, "why do you play a game that enrages you." They look at me truly amazed and say, "are you kidding, we love smash bros." Confused I wander off, thinking that this must be some manly rite of passage that I cannot understand. Go Link, you sexy elf!


  1. The game is great for getting hyped up. ^.^

  2. I agree, but pleaseee no holes in the wall.

  3. 0.o Over a video game? I can't imagine my geek guys agreeing to game with someone who over-reacted that badly-- too much of a chance that they'd throw a fit over losing and damage a game or system.

  4. Everyone always underestimates the cute pink blob of death. Works every time.

  5. Controllers have been known to be thrown down.


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