Saturday, April 2, 2011

Share Your Man

Rick and Jay are going hiking and decide to call Andy. They haven't seen much of Andy since he met Ashley. Rick whips out the old cell phone and goes for it. Andy answers and starts to hem and haw when asked to join the jolly hikers. Well I guess we could go although Ash doesn't really like hiking. Rick suggests that Andy come alone. Andy is reluctant to even suggest this to Ashley. The whole thing is a mess as far as Rick and Jay are concerned. They make some comment about Andy being on a tight leash and laugh as they decide to blow Andy off.

Many men know the signs of the overbearing babe. She does not like to share her man with anyone, no with friends, parents or anyone else who might occupy his time. She tags along inappropriately at guy type functions. She gets pissy when he goes out with his friends. She seems insecure and demanding.

Women, do you want your man to turn out like the Paul Rudd character in I Love You, Man, kind of wimpy and effeminate because he never hangs with other guys.  Eventually, you will kill the man that excited you in the first place and you'll be looking for Fabio. You want the dude who slays the giant bug, the one who hunts down and eliminates the rat. You do not want him standing on the chair next to you screaming when the rat darts out at you. 

Guys, you need to explain to your woman that you love her and she has nothing to fear. Tell her it is healthy to spend some time with your bros doing the masculine stuff that makes you the man you are. Be reasonable about the amount of time spent without her. If she fights you about it and still won't share, you might think about your decision to be with her in the first place.

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