Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feeling Good And Recommending Two Blogs

Tiger Lily is feeling quite nice tonight. Ain't nothing wrong with imbibing some choice brew, partying with family and having a great time at home. Life is good in this country. We are blessed, and lest we forget this, just turn on the news. You will be transported into the stone age with violence and misery flashing before your eyes.

I believe in personal responsibility and character. A man should stand by his word and be willing to take on the good fight. Unfortunately, entitlements, not innovation seem to be the style of the day.

Although I have concerns, I believe in the resilience of the American people. I would like to recommend the following blogs to the few readers I have. Please check out Beers with Demo and The Liberator Today for a fair perspective on what is happening in this misguided world. Keep an open mind and always investigate both sides of the issues that incite you.

As I turn from my computer and head for bed, I bid you adieu. We Americans have, and always shall, prevail.

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  1. From the Star Trek original episode, you picture reminded me of this:



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