Monday, April 11, 2011

Product Review - Geoffrey Bean Shirts

Don't settle for less, get Goffrey Beene dress shirts. They have lasting power and you'll look like a stud in them. More importantly, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IRON THEM. There are some laundering rules you need to follow for these shirts as well as for other dress, non-wrinkle shirts.

Always sort similar colored dress shirts together and wash them in cold or warm water. Don't put them in with a bunch of other clothing, do them separately. Be gentle about the amount of detergent you use, you don't need much.
Put no more than four shirts in the dryer, at a medium heating cycle. Include two bounce sheets. Have hangers standing by when the buzzer goes off. Get off your butt as soon as the ten minutes have gone by. Take the shirts out and shake them away from any hard surfaces, avoiding the breakage of buttons. Hang them on good hangers, Joy Mangano hangers are the best. Button up the first two buttons and make sure your shirts are well hung, ( excuse the expression, please).Give them half an hour hanging on a doorway before putting them in the closest so the wrinkles will all fall out. Now, hang them away and you can be assured that you will look good at your next meeting, you handsome guy.


  1. By far the best looking dress shirts out there. I can spot them at thrift stores so easily, they really stand above the crowd.

  2. So true! Thanks for the comment.


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