Saturday, September 24, 2011

Men Bond With Fists

Dave and Mike were great friends, they'd been buds for years. Dave loved a martial arts video game and practically lived it at times. Mike would occasionally rib him about it, but played the game with gusto because he enjoyed Dave's enthusiasm.

One night, drinking beer at a party, Dave went ninja on Mike. He was steely eyed as he sized up Mike and started throwing some kicks and punches. They weren't connecting as yet, but soon started to as Mike got into the mood of the play acting.

Soon everyone was watching as Dave and Mike fought and tussled. Finally, after they both had drawn blood, they landed on the ground laughing and whooping in a primal way. They got up, dusted off and got another beer feeling more like brothers than ever. Why do men bond with fists?

Women would most likely never speak to each other again if there was any kind of physical violence. I wonder at this seemingly strange rite of passage and encourage any comments to enlighten me.

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