Saturday, August 20, 2011

On a Preachy Note

The emergency rooms, and police stations get busy every weekend, with a plethora of young men. They have imbibed too much alcohol, or overdosed on some new party drug. Why do so many young dudes feel compelled to over drink, over drug, or both?

Many of the guys face peer pressure to get drunk. Quantity becomes more important than quality. Instead of enjoying a nice local brew, they down as much cheap beer as possible with the intention of passing out or puking everywhere.  It's not manly to get slithered. Most people find a drunk obnoxious and distasteful to be around. Trouble has a way of finding those who are drunk. It is a known phenomenon. Don't be influenced by inebriated friends to over drink. Stay with your convictions. Always have someone who is not drinking do the driving, or eat and drink over a period of time, before getting behind the wheel.

Doing drugs is a no brainer. Just don't do it. They may make you feel good for a short time, but are lethal on your young buff bode. You are usually taking something that is mixed with, God knows what other chemicals. Contrary to what your friends tell you, most drugs are highly addictive. They are also illegal and not worth the price you will pay. Many of the drugs out there cause impotence if taken long enough. Not very manly, is it? Illegal drug taking is a lose, lose situation. Real men are in control and aware of their surroundings, be that kind of guy.

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